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 Easy to use for those with little computer experience 

Suitable for any type of insect collection. Record each specimen in your collection including collecting data and images.

See selected screenshots below

Track each specimen with detailed specimen record data including images.

Reference records can also be created in addition to specimen records, allowing the user to have a database of desired species and creation of a master list. Selectable and editable species reference lists including web links and image fields to create your own species references.

Reference records can be imported to create specimen records or life history records.

Life history records are also provided for with a separate database.

Contacts and suppliers records including email addresses and URLs.

Powerful filtering is available to locate and report desired data.

Very flexible reports available as complete and list reports which can be filtered. Report on a particular species, genus or any combination of criteria. View or print reports as desired.

Simple image insertion. Just one click and select your file.

Record pricing for purchased specimens, their current value and sale price. Grand totals are included.

Dual record indexes ordered by scientific or common name. Any applied filters are also applied to the indexes. Find records or record groups quickly and easily.

User editable drop down fields where users can enter their own commonly used data for selection.

Cascading selections for fields from order to subspecies. This means for example when you select a family, the genus selections are only those contained in the selected family.

Direct filters for fields Order to Subspecies which will apply a filter directly from a selection. For example choosing Papilio from the Genus filter will apply the filter to display all records which are genus Papilio.

Supplied on CDROM. Installation wizard included making installation a breeze.

Database supplied with reference records for all the Australian butterflies including all subspecies (excluding images). These can be removed if not desired.

Suitable for Windows 2000 SP3 or later including any Windows XP and any Windows Vista or Windows 7/8. All 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows supported. Not suitable for Windows 8 RT.

Screen size 1280 x 720. Your monitor needs to have a resolution of 1280 pixels wide or higher, and 720 pixels high or higher.

Complete instruction manuals included in doc and pdf format.

Unlimited Support included to all purchasers.

See selected screenshots below. Not all reports are shown.

Download also available to purchasers of the CD. Purchasers please advise if you also want the download.


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